Mikado’s Patisserie Dessert

Enjoy our home made Desserts.

Matcha Lait Mousse
Our matcha mousse cake “Matcha lait mousse” is a cake where you can enjoy the aroma of Japan. The bitterness and aroma of matcha and the sweetness of condensed milk combine wonderfully, resulting in a flavorful taste in your mouth. The two soft mousses also mix with the crispy graham crackers to give a fun texture. By eating the azuki beans on top together with the mousse and graham cracker, you can feel the traditional taste of Japan even more. The Cherry Blossom-shaped cookies made carefully one by one are also cute.


Pomme Fromage
“Pomme Fromage” cheesecake is an unbaked cheese cake with plenty of Philadelphia cheese. On top of the generously filled unbaked cheese there is a whipped cream and Philadelphia cheese whip. Eat it together so you can enjoy the combination of the rich cheese with the lightly whipped . The almond crumble at the bottom also goes well with the aroma and texture of the cheese and by coating the diced apple with caramel. The caramelized apple on top gives the richness of the cheese a light, sweet and sour taste with a crunchy texture.

Berry Very Berry
Enjoy 3 layers of mousse with the strawberry mousse cake “Berry Very Berry”. The milk chocolate combined with the sweet and sour raspberry and strawberry mousse cake for a gentle sweetness that spreads in your mouth. Eating the 3 layers of mousse and the fragrant Cacao Génoise together, gives you an even more refined taste. You can also enjoy the berry sauce on top as an accent to the flavors. It is the most popular mousse cake at Mikado.